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Accomplished San Francisco Lawyers Serve the Bay Area Community

Knowledgeable counselors for injury, estate and criminal defense matters

Lipton & Piper, LLP is a small, community-based law firm focused on representing individuals and growing businesses. With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, attorneys Arthur Lipton and Jonathan Piper understand how to protect their clients’ legal rights. We strive to meet the needs of each client we serve and offer a diverse practice for an ever-diversified Bay Area. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident, are seeking to create an effective estate plan, or face criminal charges, we combine large-firm experience with small-firm service in guiding you through the legal system.

Experienced attorneys you can trust to provide exceptional service

At Lipton & Piper, we take pride in our commitment to obtaining a favorable result for each client who walks in our door. No matter what your case involves, you will find:

  • Skilled legal representation — We know how to advocate for people and businesses in whatever forum best serves their interests. Whether in court, at a negotiation table or in an office, we will present your argument in a proficient, authoritative manner.
  • Personalized advice — Many clients have similar goals, but we make an extra effort to pursue the best possible resolution for your individual needs and circumstances. That includes considering the investment of time and expense that you are comfortable with when evaluating your legal options.
  • Responsive counsel — At Lipton & Piper, your questions and concerns are not handled by faceless departments. Our attorneys and staff treat you with the courtesy you deserve and deliver knowledgeable answers promptly.

Our attorneys have built a strong reputation in San Francisco and the surrounding area by providing high-quality legal support in a positive, respectful manner.

Professional advice for a wide array of practice areas

Lipton & Piper, LLP represents clients throughout the Bay Area in a range of legal matters, including:

  • Personal injury — Our attorneys pursue fair compensation for personal injury clients harmed in incidents such as vehicle accidents, falls, and dog bites. If some person or business has violated their duty of reasonable care, we advocate on your behalf to hold them accountable.
  • Criminal defense — If you’ve been accused of a crime, having a strong, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can be the difference between a favorable outcome and a harsh sentence. From allegations ranging from traffic violations to serious felonies, we use our experience to protect our clients’ legal rights and fight for justice.
  • Estate planning — Lipton & Piper works with families so that property transfers are made in accordance with the testator’s wishes, not state directives. We can evaluate your situation and offer a variety of estate planning instruments to achieve your objectives.
  • Business law — Whether you’re looking to launch a new company or dealing with the many legal issues — such as employment and real estate matters — that all businesses face, we offer experienced counsel. We have specific knowledge of the complex regulations that face restaurant and bar owners.
  • Bar and Restaurant Representation — We at Lipton & Piper have specialized in bar and restaurant representation for more than thirty years.  We understand and are skilled with all aspects of the industry including, but not limited to, alcohol license issues and buy sell agreements.

We provide the legal insight you need to make informed choices and understand where you stand at each step of your case.

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Lipton & Piper, LLP represents individuals and small businesses in a wide range of practice areas. Call 415-362-6286 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our office located on Market Street in San Francisco.